144 Therapy, LLC

Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LCSW

76 LaSalle Road, West Hartford, Connecticut, 06107


144 Therapy therapists have experience with adults and adolescents with substance abuse, behavioral, relationship and mental health issues, we’re prepared to work with a wide variety of people. The client is the most important person within the therapeutic relationship. We seek to make clients comfortable through a calm, relaxed approach to therapy. We believe that we all possess what we need in order to reach our goals, however we may need a little help and guidance to get there. What you will find is our therapists are willing to help you get where you want to be.

At 144 Therapy we have a dynamic team of therapists with multiple levels of interest and experience.

You will find the therapists at 144 Therapy to be relaxed and genuine. We meet you where you are. The time in session is your time. We will work together to help you accomplish your goals.
  • Education Background

    Southern Ct St University

  • License

    Connecticut / 007279


  • Appointment Required

  • Accepts New Patients

  • Offers Telemedicine

  • This therapist may not yet be using Clinicom for Mental Health Assessment. Call to verify availability of Clinicom with this provider.

  • Insurance Accpeted



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