I partner with my patients because I believe the best healthcare decisions are made when both provider and patient work together. Reach out to me if you are looking for a voice in your own healthcare, looking for someone who thoroughly understands medications and wants to be listened to very carefully. Contact me if you need someone who understands your anxiety and depression and is willing to comprehend your unique situation. Perhaps you are looking to make a change but don’t know how to make the first step. Or perhaps you are tired of feeling a certain way but don’t know how to articulate your feelings. Reach out!

I focus both on finding the right medication for you and providing supportive therapy. I understand how different medications work in your body and look at your mental health, physical health and social health together. I see patients with depression, anxiety disorders, OCD, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder & patients on the autism spectrum.

Some people know exactly how they feel and what is going on. Some people may struggle with how to describe how they feel but know something is wrong. Others may just be embarrassed or hesitant to be vulnerable. These are normal feelings and I am here to help. If you are new to medications or simply cannot find one that works, I’m here to help guide you.

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