ADHD specialist and Harvard-Trained Psychiatrist here at your service. Life can be very tough and I’m here to help! At times, it can feel as though it is slipping away before you very eyes. Are there times when you are feeling down or lonely? Difficulty holding it together? Have you ever been around others and they tell you that you are overreacting? Are you finding yourself not engaging in the same things that you once found pleasurable? Difficulty concentrating? If so, it may be time to seek a helping hand. Life does not have to be so difficult. You deserve to live a life in which you have always dreamed.

In my practice, I believe in an individualized, empathetic, and holistic approach to treatment. I believe in the integration of brief therapy even in medication management appointments. I have trained in areas of DBT, CBT, and psychodynamic therapy with a developmental approach to treatment.

I want to help you reach your full potential. I want you to help me to help yourself. Please contact me for more details.

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