I am a Columbia University-trained psychiatrist and psychotherapist who treats both men and women from a comprehensive, whole-body perspective, paying close attention to your overall physical and mental health. I am double board certified in both general adult psychiatry as well as psychosomatic medicine, a subspecialty that focuses on the interaction between physical illness and mental health. I believe that optimal mental health care is highly individualized and I will work with you to understand and treat biological as well as social, psychological and relationship factors that contribute to your wellbeing.

I treat a wide range of mental health issues including mood and anxiety disorders, though many people experience significant emotional symptoms that emanate from everyday occurrences such as difficulty in relationships or in professional environments. I provide talk therapy and my medical background allows me to incorporate medications when necessary.

I will work with you to identify a solution-focused treatment plan which may include therapy, medication, or some combination. For patients who already have established relationships with therapists, I welcome the opportunity to partner with your therapist or counselor to provide you with medication management services.

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