My name is Michael. I am a Psychiatric and Primary Care Nurse Practitioner. I hold a Master’s degree in nursing, bachelor’s of science in nursing, bachelor’s of arts in psychology, a minor in Spanish- but struggled academically in middle school, and had to transfer high schools due to bullying. Becoming a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner has allowed me to integrate my passion for helping others with knowledge of both well known and newer medications. I aim to help my clients identify the right medication plan, unique for each individual, while minimizing side effects. Small adjustments can yield profound benefits.

My clinical interests include anxiety, depression, ADHD, LGBTQ health, and trauma. I often collaborate with therapists, or integrate supportive therapy into visits. I believe time in nature, interpersonal connections, a balanced diet, physical activity and spirituality can be key components of wellness for many of us.

Reaching out during difficult times can be challenging. I know this from experience, and now I’m here to help. Things will get better. All that I ask is for your honesty, and best effort in remaining committed to treatment. What small step can we take today to help you towards your goals?

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