Mental health is a balance between our emotions (feeling), Cognition (thinking) and Behavior (how we act). It is very important to maintain a balance to experience a quality life. We are all going through a very tough time and have been affected one way or the other. The good news is, there is help out there, so you do not have to feel alone or hopeless. Call our office today to get help with your emotions, thoughts and unstable behavior.

Ngozi Ugwu is a board certified psychiatric mental health Nurse Practitioner, who genuinely aims to help her patients achieve a stable mental health. With her knowledge and experience acquired over several years, she treats individuals with mental illness and substance use disorder.

Ngozi Ugwu is committed to bridge the gaps to your access to mental health resources, optimizing your mental well being by increasing awareness and literacy, decrease negative stigmas and empower you. I am not here to simply prescribe medication to you, I am here to help give you hope, find purpose, remain faithful, show love and to bring back your joy.

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