Rebecca is a board certified Staff Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner at Talkiatry. She has extensive experience evaluating and treating adults in a variety of settings over the past 10 years. Previously, she’s worked at Elmhurst Hospital’s Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program, Gracie Square Hospital on an inpatient unit, and community health settings and skilled nursing facilities. As a nurse practitioner, she believes that addressing mental health concerns is just as important as addressing physical concerns. She values the therapeutic relationship with a collaborative and empathic approach to treatment.

Rebecca’s practice focuses on medication management. Typically she offers this in conjunction with supportive or emotionally focused therapy in 30 minute follow-up visits. Occasionally Rebecca may believe that additional therapy is also needed and ask that you bring a therapist into your care team to provide the best outcome.

Talkiatry takes medication management seriously. All state and local databases of your history of controlled substances are reviewed and taken into account in the course of your initial evaluation along with all other prescription and non-prescription medication.

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