Thank you for considering to work with me as your physician. I opened my private practice clinic because I wanted to create a safe, comfortable space where my patients are always valued and respected, where your most private concerns can be expressed without judgment or stigma. In addition to a calming, friendly environment, I also offer excellent medical knowledge and clinical judgment. In psychiatry residency at the University of California, San Diego, I ranked #1 of 58 residents by exam scores.

I’m a specialist in psychopharmacology and prescribe psychiatric medication for a wide range of mental health disorders. Reach out to me to schedule a 60-80 minute psychiatric intake interview, after which we’ll design a personalized treatment plan together. I also have specialized training in OCD, PTSD, and Peripartum Mental Health.

I approach the practice of medicine via the collaborative or “teamwork” model – under which the patient contributes his or her own values and goals for treatment, and I provide the medical knowledge, experience, and guidance to help you achieve your desired outcome. Together, we formulate a treatment plan to provide relief from mental health problems.

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