After practicing for almost forty years as a holistic physician and psychiatrist I still find deep joy in helping people reach their potential. I see children, teens, and adults who would like to partner together on the journey towards wholeness.

As a holistic psychiatrist, I offer choices in your care. You can choose conventional options and/or natural choices such as supplements, herbs, and therapy. My approach also considers the treatment options found in our multi-disciplinary clinic, Wholeness, such as naturopathic care, IV nutrition, family therapy, ketamine services, and neurofeedback.

The philosophy of holism and wholeness helps me to explore and support each individual’s capacity to heal. I try to move beyond labels and address core issues that hold someone back. I pride myself on being able to listen. Curiosity and respect are the foundations of all that I do. I would be pleased to help you find more mental health and balance.

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