Shaneika is a board certified Staff Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner at Talkiatry. Her primary focus is holistic care, taking into consideration all physical, psychological, interpersonal, and environmental factors when creating unique treatment plans. She strongly believes that each of these areas are interconnected and play a significant role in the mental health and vitality of any individual. Her goal is to work simultaneously with clients to create a safe, non-judgmental, and collaborative treatment environment that will be effective in achieving sustained healing and positive self-development.

Shaneika’s practice focuses on medication management. Typically she offers this in conjunction with supportive or emotionally focused therapy in 30 minute follow-up visits. Occasionally Shaneika may believe that additional therapy is also needed and ask that you bring a therapist into your care team to provide the best outcome.

Talkiatry takes medication management seriously. All state and local databases of your history of controlled substances are reviewed and taken into account in the course of your initial evaluation along with all other prescription and non-prescription medication.

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