I am a Board Certified Psychiatrist and have provided Comprehensive Psychiatric treatment to the Washington Metropolitan area for the past three decades. My unique nature of the practice and approach to healing the emotional storm stems from my training at The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. I believe strongly in a holistic approach of mindfulness technique of relaxation combined with medication management for a particular disorder. I provide most cost effective comprehensive treatment by coordinating patient care with other mental health professional and Primary Care Physician.

My practice focuses mainly on Psychopharmacology and Integrative Psychiatric techniques of Mood disorder, Bipolar disorder, Anxiety disorder, Eating disorder and Autistic Spectrum disorder. I offer Tele-Medicine appointment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Person can contact by visiting my web site www.drsmitapatel.com

While providing compassionate and caring treatment of emotional disorders my core focus is on healing the Mind, Body and Spirit of each and every individual who comes to my office.

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