Do you want help because you are anxious or depressed? Having problems with relationships? Work? Sleep? Drugs or alcohol? At Solace, we can help guide you in creating a strong foundation by finding the perfect treatment model that would help resolve your conflicts and begin healing. Using a individualized, multi-dimensional approach, we develop a treatment program tailored to your needs. We provide an effective combination of holistic and medical practices, that may include psychotherapy, medication, and other psychosocial interventions.

At our many locations over the northern Tampa Bay area, we offer a variety of services. These services include: psychiatric treatment, counseling with licensed clinical staff, transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), Spravato, medication assisted treatment for substance abuse, and outpatient detox.

At Solace, our mission is to empower you in your journey as you develop the tools to conquer the fear that has restricted your beliefs in what you are capable of feeling and achieving.

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