Welcome to the future of living in the moment! As an Integrative Lifestyle Studio dedicated to mental health, we believe that EVERYONE can benefit from regularly attending to their mental health needs, no matter the level of treatment desired… That’s why, alongside our more traditional therapies like individual and group psychotherapy, we offer innovative treatment options for children, adolescents, & adults that include the “healing arts” like mindfulness meditation, yoga therapy, sound healing, acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic, holistic nutrition, fertility support, Ayurvedic therapies, supplementation & much more.

We operate on the belief that given the proper tools & environment, our minds & bodies can be self-healing & self-rejuvenating. To achieve this, we customize treatment protocols that consider the complex relationship between your goals, history, & unique lifestyle, making ZMS a pioneer in the current research-based approach toward Integrative Psychology.

Feelings of isolation, fear, or hopelessness are common when seeking treatment, especially for mental health issues. We take seriously our commitment to creating the most supportive & uplifting environment for wellness, where you can feel as much community or privacy as you’d like. Contact us today to get started on your journey of personal evolution.

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