Your life has focused on being a parent, and you gave your family all of your time and attention. It was probably hard at times, but so rewarding. Now they’ve grown, maybe even left home, and you might feel uncertain. It’s natural to experience depression, anxiety, or grief during times of transition. Maybe you now find yourself lost, wondering how to rediscover your hopes, dreams, and future. It’s overwhelming and scary to change. But maybe part of you sees this as a chance to focus on yourself again, and the idea of new possibilities might be exciting. You wonder what steps to take, and wish someone would give you a road map.

I specialize in new beginnings, focusing on holistic wellness and healing. My goal is to present you a plan for mental, spiritual, physical and emotional wellness using creative and fun exercises. Each week you will receive a goal based on your individual needs. Therapy is hard, but the things we work for are exactly the things we end up valuing the most.

I am so honored to work with each of my clients. You will never feel like you are just another appointment when you work with me. At this time, appointments are through the convenience of telehealth. It has been my pleasure to help clients heal and move forward for the past 22 years, and I genuinely look forward to meeting and working with you!

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