Therapy is about developing a new kind of relationship with one’s experience. Much of our pain, suffering, and struggle stem from resisting the experience, judging it, and denying it. My work is dedicated to helping you embrace the challenges and find meaning in them by helping you slow down, enter the experience, and discover your potent spark. We have our answers within and by looking inside, our suffering finds meaning and transformation, our vision finds clarity and awakening.

I am committed to supporting you on your healing path with my therapeutic training and skills; more importantly with being fully open and present to whatever arises with loving kindness. I draw from psychodynamic, somatic, gestalt, transpersonal, and relational modalities and tailor my approach based on your needs and desires.

When you understand and accept yourself more freely and fully, you will notice that your difficulties and suffering will have less control of you and your life and you will start enjoying life in a more fulfilling way. I am here to help you in this sacred journey.

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