I provide psychotherapy to college students, adults and families on a variety of issues. I specialize in treating depression, anxiety, cultural issues and others. I have experience working with individuals and families dealing with different struggles. My aim is to help my clients realize their potential despite difficult life circumstances. I like to promote positive self-esteem in my clients and help them find their purpose in their lives. I welcome any clients who are ready to look into themselves to find their true selves.

I specialize in treating college students and adults, individuals overcoming depression, grief, anxiety, relational issues and anger issues. I work with individuals wanting to increase self-esteem and challenge negative thought patterns. With cultural sensitivity, I work with individuals to resolve cultural issues. I also help with family problems.

I believe we all have inner strengths that can be brought to light by therapy. My goal is to help clients tap into their true selves and realize their gifts and strengths. I utilize an eclectic approach to therapy, incorporating different forms of therapy to help clients achieve their goals.

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