Life changes can be difficult, trauma can be consuming and stress can overwhelm you to an extinct you can forget simple things. If you are experiencing headaches otherwise not related to medical conditions, the feeling of knots in your stomach, feel that you are overreacting to your loved ones, heart racing when a certain name pops up on your phone; come in today let’s sit down and talk about ways to address the uncomfortable feelings in your body and change your life.

I utilize a plethora of techniques to address each individual’s needs. Together, we will address the issues in your life, expand your perspective, create a plan to find even a glimmer of joy in your life, and ways to stop surviving your life and just LIVE your life.

My practice is not your typical counseling agency, we enhance your experience by using technology to illustrate the connection between your emotions and heart rate, DBT therapy techniques, and therapy dog in session. Here, we connect the brain functions, your body symptoms, and your thoughts, to strategize ways to optimize your life.

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