Weight of the world & her responsibilities, Sara craves more SELF LOVE & RELIEF. She drags herself out of bed, pops headache pills& stares at her exhausted face in the mirror thinking: “You’re disgusting”. Her self-esteem’s in the toilet after last night’s bad-habits & bickering with her partner. She curses herself: “I’m Stupid!!! Cheated on my diet again!! Extra wine! ” Her puffy eyes remind her: she cried to sleep. Feeling stuck in a rut, she knows she needs guidance from a professional to upgrade her life with new tools of empowerment, to Turn Breakdowns Into Breakthroughs..To Develop Healthy SELF-LOVE & A Balanced,JOYFUL LIFE.

ONLINE THERAPY or COACHING CAN HELP: Be guided in embodiment-therapies that can melt your stress immediately, & Restore relationships with self (&others) Learn to capitalize on your Intuition, Authentic Resiliency, & RECONNECT AND SYNCHRONIZE &ATTUNE YOUR Scientifiic BIOFIELD,, aka “AURA,“ VITALITY through transformative empowerment practices & experiences.

With embodiment-therapies that can melt your stress immediately, Restore & deepen your trust for your intuition, your Authentic Resiliency, and FIND PEACE In YOUR BODY-MIND-SPIRIT. I earned an MA in Clinical Psychology & ArtsTherapies, & Certification in Nutrition & Health Coaching from SUNY New York. My PASSION is EMPOWERING PEOPLE to SHINE & feel Vitality!

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