In today’s world, many tasks and responsibilities can easily become overwhelming as life throws us unexpected obstacles. We can become anxious, depressed, hopeless, feeling like there is no rhyme or reason to what we are going through, to what we are thinking and feeling, or even to life itself. We might choose to escape from our problems, angst, a sense of void, our past, or our daily thoughts through indulging in external gratifications, by using drugs and alcohol, sex, relationships, or other means. We often get stuck in our thinking, consumed by negative self-talk and perceptions of ourselves.

I’ve become a therapist because I realized there is power in being more self-aware, there are insights we can all gain to enrich our lives and overcome what we are struggling with. Whether you’re dealing with grief, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, existential angst, addictions, we all have the means to understand, change, and live better lives.

Life does not stop and everything is in constant flux, but that doesn’t mean we have to be powerless over how we feel and what we want our lives to be. Through a variety of therapeutic approaches and philosophical theories, I help people realize their inner strength, improve their ability to overcome burdens, and gain deeper insights into their lives.

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