Do you bump up against a painful pattern of behavior such as anger, frustration, impatience, or self-doubt? Or have you found yourself in the discomfort of being alone-even while in a relationship? Consider the freedom available by feeling comfortable in your own skin. I can help you navigate to a place of comfort. My name is Zina Yzquierdo and I would be delighted to accompany you in the exploration of finding what you need in your journey toward wholeness and health.

My therapeutic sessions emphasize the power of self-connection, being heard, and understood. I use a cognitive behavioral approach called Nonviolent Communication, also called Compassionate Communication. Consider the possibility of discovering your whole self, which will nourish you and help with decision-making. Imagine taking action based on choice rather than automatically reacting.

Together we can find out what you need. Perhaps making a shift in the way you show up in life? …interacting with others? …or transitioning to life circumstances? Using compassionate communication is an exceptional strategy for discovering your needs and effectively satisfying them in a healthful framework.

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