You may be at a moment in you life when the solutions you have tried did not work as you hoped. You may feel stuck, overwhelmed and maybe experience intense feelings of worry and general dissatisfaction. Or, perhaps you may find yourself resorting to behaviors that don’t represent who you are or who you aspire to be. In moments like these a new and fresh perspective, a different approach to your difficulties and specific tools you can use in difficult moments can make the difference between hope and despair. ?

As a dually licensed therapist I integrate individual approaches to therapy with systemic views to help my clients overcome personal challenges and create harmonious relationships with those around them. I work with individuals, families and couples treating mood disorders, borderline personality disorder, and trauma related disorders.

I take a collaborative, warm and strength based approach to build the therapeutic relationship to promote freedom and transformation. I draw my interventions from a unique combination of professional experiences and extensive professional training both here and abroad. My approach to treatment takes into account multicultural perspectives to therapy.

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