Zipporah works to educate and support her patients to improve their social and emotional functioning through a broad range of techniques and her expertise in emotional wellbeing. Zipporah is fiercely passionate about helping individuals and families create more healthy, successful, and meaningful lives. Specialty areas include anxiety, depression, ADHD, and eating disorders as well as academic, social, emotional, and behavioral challenges.

Zipporah specializes in working with women, adolescents, teens and adults. She strives to create a safe and nurturing atmosphere in which individuals can be supported in their efforts to change and grow as well as become reconnected to their strengths and dreams. Her approach enables individuals to gain meaningful insight into issues of self-reflection.

Difficult times and unexpected life changes happen. Hurt, stress, grief, depression and anxiety are often a result. Therapy is a powerful asset to help navigate these issues to reach healing and growth. Combatting emotional pain does not have to be path one takes alone. Zipporah can help patients understand their situation, cope and move through challenges.

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