Therapy is a healing dialogue. Throughout my work with individuals, couples, parens and families, I have experienced time and again how healing and effective such therapeutic dialogue can be. It allows for problem solving, fosters change and growth, relationship building, and creates intimacy. My goal is to create this healing therapeutic experience for you to heal your relationship , anxiety and depression .Such dialogue enables my clients to grow, change, heal their wounds, and build healthy loving relationships.

I am a relationship therapist using mindful healing dialogue through a process of encounters. I function as a coach that maintains the space for you.helping you grow and change. leave the power struggle and the reactivity behind and progress to a higher level of relationship with self and others. where you have an aware, mature and loving relationship.

I know how difficult it is to take this first step to prioritize your well being and your relationships. you want to tell yourself -“it is time to start this healing journey”!

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