I work with adults who may be struggling to find nourishment on multiple levels: emotionally, psychologically, physically, and relationship-wise. I attend to the individual in front of me, knowing that your unique health and family history, stresses, environment, level of support, social inequities, and culture all influence your relationship with self and your feeling of nourishment. I meet you where you are, and help to guide you where you want to be more of the time. I work with you to create a healthier relationship with your whole self, including through relationships, creativity, nutrition, movement, and contribution.

My unique combination of education and experience in psychology and functional nutrition allows me to use a mind-body approach in a truly integrated way. I work through a lens of nourishment: How you are fed through relationships, work, food, and creativity all greatly influence your health and ability to make real, sustainable changes to your life.

Zoe offers kind, whole-person support to experience greater feelings of health. If you are ready to look at nourishment in a whole new light, please reach out.

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