There has to be more to Mental Care than crisis management, disorders, illnesses, or diagnosis labeling. We are proactive in the maintenance of our bodies, yet, we neglect the “main computer” the mind, the psyche, the CORE of us. We, at CORE, believe in working hard – Mental Health Boot Camp – if you get the drift. Compassion is abundant at CORE but not in the form of soft talk. You are doing hard work and we take it serious. As a team we will discover those aspects of “self” that make us all so amazing. We will walk together sharing life’s stories and how they do or do not define who you are at our CORE.

We are passionate and dedicated to being right there with our clients as they take on the personal journey of growth and self-discovery. People are complex creatures with equally complex lives, relationships, and those elusive historical experiences that influence us all. We welcome all walks of humanity and those brave souls in alternative life-styles.

We strive to be authentic, genuine, and open with our clients. By doing so, we hope to provide a safe place to celebrate being perfectly imperfect human beings. Life is a series of speed bumps, our hope is to guide our clients to discover from within: self-compassion, the courage to be vulnerable, and the skills necessary to engage in healthy relationships

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