*** CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS*** You are someone going through a life transition, such as navigating life after the death of loved one; making a change within your career or life course; or ready to make changes in how you cope with stress. It seems like you feel stuck where you are, lost, or those around you don’t understand your experiences. You want to work with someone who has supported other women in their journey of feeling confident again, joy without guilt, and tapping into their strengths. I specialize in working with women across the life span who have experienced grief and loss, anxiety, and stress.

I also offer career counseling and support in coping skills development. I provide therapy services to children, youth, and adolescents. You and I will work together as you being to focus on yourself and become unapologetic about the next steps in your life.

Strengths-based and creative – I use empathy, laughter, and compassion to walk with you during your toughest moments. I look forward to empowering and supporting you as you grow into the bad ass you always knew you were.

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