I know it’s hard to take that first step. I am a strength-based family-systems-trained therapist who believes, “it is never too late to be what you might have been.” I believe that who we are both in and out of relationship is not fixed, and that implementing small steps toward change is both do-able and rewarding. My passion for therapy is grounded in the belief that problems and worry held in isolation grow, whereas voicing them aloud in a safe place and working together with a compassionate and skilled therapist can help reduce them to a manageable size.

I enjoy helping clients with life transitions, parenting, family dynamics, stuck relationship patterns, anxiety, depression, grief and loss, blended families, post-divorce co-parenting, feelings of isolation, school and peer stress, and career re-entry. I work with adults, teens, college students, empty-nesters, seniors, couples and families.

I have a specialty in assisting individuals and couples in the area of infertility, pregnancy loss, and adoption. I understand the complexities of navigating family-building choice points. I especially enjoy working with rich and interesting adoptive families, Transracial families, conspicuous families of all types, and families formed using Third Party reproduction.

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