I believe there is meaning in symptoms. We are designed to thrive. When something is out of balance our mind/body/spirit/relationships present symptoms to ask us to pay attention. I specialize in helping people discover what needs their attention. Then, I help people learn new skills so they are equipped to respond more effectively to their needs. I offer support as people practice necessary changes in their thoughts, managing their emotions, and interacting with others and their circumstances. Finally, I encourage and guide people as they seek to fully actualize their potential.

Anxiety, depression, anger, conflict, children acting out, feeling chronic stress, panic attacks, experiences of trauma, searching for meaning, feeling empty, hopeless or helpless – these are all flashing lights on the dashboard of life telling us that something is not working properly. We need to stop and address the issues.

Discover. Practice. Thrive. My practice offers multiple modalities to support people in these areas.

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