I enjoy working with clients who are motivated to reflect on their own functioning and improve their circumstances in order to fully appreciate life. Whether you are “the worried well” or somebody facing extreme adversity, I have the skills necessary to help you feel better. The best predictor of therapeutic outcomes is the client’s motivation, so I just ask that my clients have the goal of feeling better, whatever that may mean for you.

I am very motivated to hear about you, including what’s going well in your life and what’s not, and to offer insights that will help you live a more authentic life. I strive to offer a safe space for discussing your personal matters and use a warm, individualized, open, and nonjudgmental approach.

I have experience working with a wide range of individuals and fully appreciate that we are each unique. I want to hear how you are doing and work with you to understand and improve the things that affect you. Whether it is changing your environment or learning new ways to handle matters, I strongly believe in the power of therapy to build happiness.

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