(*Not accepting new clients) I work with adolescents and adults who would like to change difficult behaviors and mindsets; people looking to explore different aspects of the self or gain access to more internal balance, connection, and contentment. You may be working through situational hurdles or life transitions; dealing with the impacts of oppression and societal conditioning; feeling unsafe in the world, disconnected from others and your own experience. Depending on your personal needs and goals, we might work together briefly or long term, focusing on solutions and paths forward, or unraveling some of the roots of your issues.

I work with teens and adults who are challenged by different things: trauma responses, depression, anxiety, life transitions, grief and loss, etc. We will work together to help you develop more self-compassion, contentment and life skills; building the ability to move through and be with discomfort so that you are better able to manage life’s ups and downs.

Life is challenging. Often we need the presence of a supportive witness to our journey in order to heal, shine, and access our own wisdom and strength. Therapy is an opportunity for exciting growth and change, but it can be a scary step to take. I deeply respect the courage it takes to reach out.

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