Are you feeling stuck, confused…and don’t know how to move forward – especially now in the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus? I am always updating my skills and now offer A.R.T. or Accelerated Resolution Therapy – research and evidence based therapy that brings relief to clients in fewer sessions. And I can now offer Brainspotting – a truly unique healing experience. Clients are reporting less anxiety, less repetitive thinking, and more calm. More ability to self-regulate and move forward in relationships, work and life.

My focus is to help my clients acquire and use ‘tools’ to help them cope more effectively with anxiety and depression, deep grief, aging, pre-peri-natal and birth traumas, soul loss/soul retrieval, and life transitions. My most recent treatment tools are ART or Accelerated Resolution Therapy – research based, efficient, and effective, and Brainspotting.

I collaborate with my clients to help them gain skills and coping methods to navigate their lives successfully. To facilitate deep healing and begin to practice fierce self-compassion and kindness towards themselves as well as others. To truly ‘wake up’ to the privilege it is to be an im-perfect human being.

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