Handling life’s challenges with presence of mind is not always easy. I can help you identify what is contributing to your distress and assist you in finding a path toward consciously creating your best life. I work with people dealing with challenging life issues from relationship stresses, family turmoil, trauma, grief and loss, gender and/or sexual identity, anxiety, depression and beyond. I also work with people who simply want to find more meaning, purpose, fulfillment and joy in their lives. I offer in person and distance-counseling via phone or video-conferencing. Offices in Hilo and Kea’au.

As a vibrational alignment coach I help people integrate their peek spiritual experiences. I utilize traditional and non-traditional modalities of understanding and healing the self. Shamanism, mysticism and psychology all influence my work. As a certified trauma treatment professional, I am skilled in holding space for intense personal work.

Frequent feedback I get from clients is that they find me easy to talk to, nurturing and down-to-earth. I’ve gotten this kind of feedback most of my life and am grateful to be of service helping people find greater peace and ease in their lives.

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