Inevitably, life presents challenges and difficulties which can take many different forms. Sometimes people seek out therapy for very specific reasons: perhaps a major life transition has become overwhelming, or certain patterns within a relationship are starting to take a toll. Pressures in a particular setting, whether at school, at work, or at home, may be feeling too difficult to navigate alone. Other times, people come to therapy with less certain goals, maybe feeling unsure or confused about where their life is headed, maybe simply wanting something more. It’s not always easy to answer the question, “What brings you here?”

People tend to doubt their inner strengths, and don’t quite realize how many resources they in fact possess. I have found that, through conversation with a trusted person, people can more easily identify those strengths and build upon them. And I have come to see this collaborative process as central to my work.

My past experiences doing individual and family therapy with people of all ages, of diverse backgrounds and difficult, sometimes traumatic histories and life circumstances, have engendered within me a core belief that with the right support and collaboration, it is possible to make meaningful and long-lasting changes.

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