My ideal client comes to therapy with a sense of need, but also one of self-responsibility to participate in a collaborative approach of self-understanding the dynamics of your well-being. Do you want to explore obstacles (personal, social, relationship, etc.) in your life, at home or at work? I’m a skilled clinician who has a wealth of experience in anxiety, grief, recidivism, self-esteem work, trauma, youth behavioral disorders (ODD), parenting, and relationship issues. My goal is to help you find clarity and equip you with the tools and resources in building confidence and self-esteem without bypassing the reality of hardships.

As a team, we can work to help you successfully eliminate these barriers in order to achieve your goals. Each person is a unique individual. With this in mind, my treatment approach will be tailored and structured in response to the uniqueness of your particular situation and needs. My specialties are youth, individual, couple, and parenting dynamics.

However, my talents and skills reach far beyond the scope of just these specialties. Offering clients the freedom to be able to search within themselves for the answers that best fit their needs is a path worth exploring, and I invite you to an exhilarating experience.

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