Practice management system and portal for mental health professionals and their clients.


A mental health solution for documenting mental health progress notes with drop down menus or fill-in spaces, and more.


HIPAA Compliant video conferencing and practice management software


Unified EAP that helps streamline all employee wellbeing- related processes through rewards, counseling, recognition & more.


Mental healthcare for your workforce.


AI/ML based application for detecting Autism and other Developmental Disabilities with live therapy progress tracking for children.

Mimo Progress Note

Mimo creates HIPAA Compliant personalized progress notes with minimal to no typing. It can cut your note-taking time by up to 70% so you don’t miss a moment. Features include: Over 70 Standard Templates Creat your own Templates No Typing Templates Handwritten Notes AES-256 bit Encryption Personalized Notes Pre-populated notes Editable Notes Sharable Notes Printable Notes Dictate Notes easily Support multiple CPT and Diagnosis Codes

MyOutcomes FIT

Offers multilevel access and advanced client outcome management tools for administrators, supervisors and clinicians.


Quenza is a state-of-the-art application that enables coaches and other mental health practitioners to digitally engage their clients with homework exercises, assessments, psychoeducation, and online care paths. Quenza users deliver better care to their clients on a larger scale while eliminating time spent on administrative tasks and email, thereby drastically cutting mental health care costs.


Online booking and practice management system with invoicing & billing, marketing & sales features, filing and resource library.


Helps monitor and report on therapy progress.

Consultório Live

Online medical software with diaries, electronic medical record, digital prescription, financial and more.


Advanced analytics platform for therapists. Records, transcribes, and analyzes sessions with a HIPAA-compliant mobile app.

Titanium Schedule

Electronic medical records software for university and college counseling centers. Offers esignature capture, medication log, and more. See our website for complete details of features and updated pricing.


Test children’s attention span in order to properly diagnose attention deficit disorders that can affect learning ability.


Cloud-based EHR solution that assists users with e-prescribing, billing, patient tracking, scheduling, and more.

Owl Practice

The Owl Practice platform serves thousands of therapists across Canada. Owl allows therapists to easily manage their clinics or private practices, and helps enable PHI and professional standards compliance. Owl also works with academic institutions across the country to power their student wellness and training clinics.


PsychologyCompass offers your employees a cognition coach in their pocket, to enhance their mental performance, protect their mental health. Measurably reduce absenteeism, presenteeism, churn and mental health claims. Nourish your employees’ mental health and boost their performance on auto-pilot, and at scale. Get real-time employee engagement and improvement data through our dashboards. Improve your team’s cognitive aptitude with privacy in mind.


Practice management software that provides patient records/charting, patient statements, insurance billing, scheduling, and more.


Unlike mere casework tools, mCase is the only solution designed around your unique needs, from the expert in case management software. mCase is a completely configurable cloud-based solution that makes case management tasks faster and more efficient. With mCase, staff can support their clients in the office and out in the field, using mobile devices and the web…even when connectivity is not available. mCase’s embedded dashboards and analytics make data access and reporting easy.

Stormy Software

Web-based EMR solution that assists users with documentation, assessment tracking, treatment planning, and more.


Medical scheduling solution that helps businesses use drag and drop functionality to schedule appointments and manage documentation.


A clinician focused mental health application. Deeper insights, improved outcomes, organized schedules and expanded practices.

pado desk

It is an addiction and psychosomatic rehabilitation practice management system that helps users track patient records, admissions, etc.


Cognitive rehabilitation application to manage patients, records, and treatment plans.


Noteable is a complete solution for providers of ABA services . Noteable combines advanced data collection and analysis tools with a full featured EHR and practice management suite that includes clinical notes and reports, automated billing, practice management, telehealth and integrated faxing.

Patagonia Health

A web-based EMR solution with AutoSuggest and AutoLearn technology for medical practices and behavioral health agencies.


A supportive Mental Health web-platform that can be used in combination with any video conference & EMR software. It offers a structured help to the Cognitive Behavioral therapist & facilitates collaboration with clients both in the office & in remote online sessions. Build your resources’ library, prepare psychoeducational material, work with Dynamic Dysfunctional Thoughts Diaries & get help in identifying important elements of CBT of clients’ case formulation. Supports Text Dictation.

HSS Systems Software

Clinical and fiscal management software for human services organizations focused on mental health, intellectual disability, etc.


$29 per month. Comprehensive web-based system for behavioral health. Features include: intake forms, therapy notes, superbills, scheduling, secure messaging, free paper and electronic insurance claims, client statements, native mobile apps. Let us show you why TheraBiller is the most flexible practice management system for behavioral health.


Integrated behavioral health solution that includes billing, productivity, scheduling, and outcome tracking features.


Ideal for behavioral health clinics, it is a cloud-based platform that helps users manage clients’ registrations, appointments & more.


This toolkit allows oncology teams to communicate with their cancer survivor patients, build care plans, and monitor patient progress.

Method One

Browser-based clinic management software (Saas) for Opioid treatment facilities.


An all-in-one software for mental healthcare experts saving them time and growing their income.


Mental health insights platform and specialized EHR.

SelfEcho’s Mobile Therapy

Mobile app that collects and analyzes client information via surveys and journals specific to the client’s disorder.


Res~Call will run every aspect of your care organisation from administration to clinical to financial and everything in between.


HIPAA-compliant web-based screening application designed to: Contact an identified population through email & text messaging; Remotely screen anyone by using adaptive algorithms; and Automatically alert & route individuals to response-specific resources. Flexible enough to customize for any industry or use-case. For example: COVID, Workforce Screening, Behavioral Health, Remote Patient Monitoring & Clinical Check-ins as examples.


Web based practice management solution designed specifically for the mental health industry.


Harnessing the power of technology and data to amplify the impact of mental healthcare practitioners

EMR Software

Fully Certified EMR and Practice Management Software Designed to work on I-Pads, Androids or Windows Operating Systems Automate Management of PQRS, Functional Reporting, Plans of Care and Documentation

Advanced Metrics

Advanced Metrics is made to meet the needs of human service agencies through their solutions.


Web-based solution that assists medical practitioners with medication management, billing reports, and appointment scheduling.


Provides secure electronic intake and consent forms for healthcare professionals, counselors, physiotherapists, medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, dentists, massage therapists, coaches, etc.


ABA data collection & graphing software. Programs update automatically based on phase settings, chaining types, and sequential goals.


All-in-one clinic software that helps small clinics to large healthcare businesses deliver virtual care & manage entire clinic operations. Adracare supports high-quality HD video conferencing that is HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA, GDPR & APP compliant. Get features like online booking, scheduling, group video sessions, charting, patient notification and reminders, patient payment & more.

Care Patron

Beautiful Practice Management Software. Practice software with the time-saving tools you need. Carepatron is highly secure and reliable, with expert support 24/7.


The Herdman Assessment Form (HAF) is a quality and client driven bio-psycho-social history form to gather the pertinent history for assessing clients. A clients responses will be used to generate a narrative that a counselor can use to complete 90% of an assessment report. The counselor remains responsible for making the final report individualized for the varying history of each client.

Pronto EMR

EMR program to streamline practice management tasks such as building patients list, tracking medical records & managing prescriptions.


Easy to use software designed to assist Group Homes, Day Programs, Assisted Living Agencies, and Schools to track Behaviors, Medications, Activities and generate Reports

Power Diary

***Now: 50% OFF for 6 Months!*** Power Diary is the online practice management software trusted by over 26,000 practitioners. It includes calendar management, appointment reminders (SMS + email), treatment note templates, client invoicing, online bookings, 2-way SMS chat, and a lot more!


TherapyZen is cloud-based EHR software for fee-for-service independent counselors and group practices of any size. Features include: independent therapist and group practice appointment scheduling, telehealth, appointment check-in, note taking, custom forms, treatment plans, DSM/ICD codes, invoicing & billing, auto invoice/pay, electronic client intake, client portal, reports, notifications, staff management, reports and mobile friendly. Try our free 14-day trial, no credit card required.

Zoobook EHR

Zoobook EHR is modern, affordable, easy to use, designed with awesome user experience in mind, tailored to NJ State, Medicaid, DMHAS, DOH regulations, helps to survive in FFS environment and increased Medicaid / Medicare / private insurance audits. It’s designed for behavioral health, mental health and addiction treatment providers – outpatient, inpatient, residential, detox, methadone clinic, etc. It has a bed management module for residential providers most EHRs don’t have.


Years ago we recognized a need for better technology in the behavioral health space. With proven backgrounds in health software, we got to work developing a new product that would push the boundaries of technology to simplify and streamline the daily tasks of medical professionals. We understood that the less time they spent inputing notes and managing medications the more time they could spend with patients.


Behaviorsoft is an all-in-one clinical and practice management technology solution designed specifically for small and mid-sized behavior therapy practices. With Behaviorsoft you can automate painful daily tasks and streamline clinical care and practice operations – meaning your clinical team can focus on delivering the best care possible to your clients and each office team member can effectively and painlessly do the work of two.


Behind every behavior is a purpose. BEHCA (Behavior Environment Health Comparative Analysis) is designed to help families, educators, and support providers discover the underlying causes of behavior. Track daily observations, identify emotional triggers, and use collaborative shared data insights to effectively manage behavior over time. The methodology and app were informed by two decades of work with children, parents, and teachers, and refined through experiences in behavior consultation.

One Step

Empowers sober living and treatment centers to monitor clients’ recovery progress.


Mental health professionals in private or group practices can use PsychSurveys to administer valid and reliable mental health surveys to their patients to measure distress levels and track patient progress over time. PsychSurveys improves client care by allowing you to objectively measure your clients’ symptoms and use the results to highlight areas of progress or improve treatment by identifying areas needing further intervention.

Connected Mind

Connected Mind FAST CHECK(r) helps doctors screen and assess for the 6 most common mental health conditions along with suicide ideation/plan/intent. Our simple interface allows patients to screen while in the waiting room and results can be delivered directly into the EHR. Our Telehealth / Remote Link process allows providers to send a link to patients so they can screen from the home.


NeuroFlow is a healthcare technology and analytics company enabling behavioral health access and engagement across the continuum of care. NeuroFlow allows health care providers to objectively assess, track, and engage patients using evidence-based practices to support their mental health. Our suite of HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based tools delivers remote monitoring and behavioral health integration in all care settings in order to improve outcomes, overall wellness, and cost of care.

Mentegram Notes

When therapists are spending countless hours managing appointments, taking hand-written notes and screening clients, it is most definitely a wise investment in time to learn a new system to speed up these processes. If this can help squeeze in one extra client per day, think of the benefits for everyone involved. Mentegram Notes is a HIPAA compliant therapy notes and practice management online software for small private practices. 100% money-back guarantee , try it now!


The mHealth platform offered by Monsenso helps optimize the treatment of major illnesses such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, borderline, depression and anxiety. We provide patients with a smartphone app that collects information based on patient self-assessments and sensor data, such as physical activity, social activity, and mobility. For more information visit


Spruce is an all-in-one platform built for healthcare that puts calls, voicemails, texts, secure messages, fax, video, and telemedicine in one place. Spruce can power your entire practice’s phone system, complete with VoIP phones. For advanced practices, Spruce provides an after-hours phone solution, bulk messaging, workflow automation, billing, membership based auto-tagging, and EHR integrations.

Total ABA

Total ABA, powered by Inviscid Software, is a fully-integrated software solution built on the Salesforce platform to serve therapists and clinics, specifically Applied Behavioral Analysis, Speech and Occupational Therapy. Modules include Practice Management, Clinical, Data Collection, Reporting, Graphing, Billing options and a Parent Portal.


IntakeQ provides beautiful and secure electronic intake forms for health professionals, enabling them to offer an amazing onboarding experience, while also optimizing and streamlining the intake process. As a bonus, IntakeQ also offers powerful practice management features, including scheduling, payment, appointment reminders, secure messaging, telehealth, invoicing and insurance billing. Affordable pricing, 14-day free trial, no credit card required, no software to install.


Complete practice management solution for chiropractors with online booking, scheduling, billing, charting, and telehealth.


Opus EMR was developed out of the necessity to provide a more comprehensive and easy to use solution for facility administrators without putting a strain on the budget. It was built by behavioral health specialists for behavioral health specialists with deep personal understanding of the issues at hand and a clear goal in mind – to save you time and money while remaining compliant and effective in providing treatment to your clients.

BehaveHealth Platform

The Behave Health solution combines best-in-class electronic health records software with integrated revenue cycle management to simplify your operations and maximize your revenue. We support programs across the behavioral health continuum of care, ranging from addiction/substance use disorder treatment, mental health treatment, social and recovery service agencies, and more.

BreezyNotes EHR

BreezyNotes is a complete EHR solution offering Scheduling, Documentation, Billing, Account Management, and Payroll. We feature a Client Portal, Integrated Client Payments, Appointment Reminders and online scheduling. Our top-notch customer service will be there for you whenever you need an answer or guidance along the way. Sign up for our BreezyBilling service and you can skip the agony of dealing with claims & denials, and best of all BreezyBilling customers get the software for free.


Sunwave is a leading technology provider for Substance Abuse Treatment Centers. Its fully integrated platform includes substance abuse EMR, CRM, RCM, HR, and Billing software. Built from the ground up for addiction treatment, it empowers treatment centers to manage all of their operations in a single, unified platform. With the powerful reporting capabilities of Sunwave, users are able to make informed decisions that position their businesses for success. To learn more, visit: www.sunwavehealth


TherapyMate provides Practice Management solutions for Social Workers, Therapists, Counselors, Psychiatrists and Psychologist. Practice Management made simple, smart, scalable and secure with easy to use Scheduling, Appointment Reminders, Therapy Notes, Client Portal, Telehealth Video Conferencing, Billing, Credit Card Processing, Income & Expense Tracking and Other Business Management Tools in a cloud hosted environment.


Trusted by over 60,000 mental health professionals, TherapyNotes helps behavioral health therapists manage their practices more efficiently through an easy-to-use, secure platform for notes, billing, scheduling, and more. TherapyNotes simplifies administrative work, giving practitioners more time and energy to focus on providing effective care for their clients.


CentralReach is a leading EMR, practice management, and clinical platform for Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy providers. The web-based, HIPAA-compliant system integrates scheduling, billing, claims, clinical data collection, clinical programming, a mobile app, and more. Additional solutions include precision teaching, learning management/training, data warehouse and business intelligence reports, and managed billing services. CentralReach is trusted by more than 1,000 therapy practices.


Powerful, elegant charting and practice management, designed by & for mental health providers. Clean, easy-to-use screens, e-prescribing of controlled substances in all 50 states, responsive customer support, and a base plan that’s free as well as extremely affordable premium plans and add-ons.


Practice management designed for facilities that specialize in substance abuse, rehabilitation, addiction, and mental health. Cloud-based with full mobility. Specialized clinical workflow. Customized forms and templates.


Wecounsel, provides online video conferencing software and supporting client management/engagement tools for mental health providers, clients, and healthcare organizations. Our cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant solution serves as a one stop office for mental health professionals. All users have access to client mgmt, messaging, scheduling, document mgmt, video, and an e-commerce solution. Free video only and directory plan available. Private labels and development for custom workflow available.

BHC Portal

BHC Portal is the modern, easy, and secure EMR for your behavioral health practice. With secure mail and scheduling, as well as unlimited clients, assessments, notes, uploads and more, you can stay organized and save time, whether you¿re a large group or just a solo therapist. Go paperless in minutes! Try our 30-day risk-free trial today– no credit card required

Kipu Systems

Cloud-based EMR for behavioral and addiction treatment centers that helps with features such as billing, CRM and more.


SimplePractice is a top-reviewed practice management platform, made for small business owners in the health & wellness space. Known for its clean interface, SimplePractice’s industry-leading feature set includes a fully paperless intake process, custom notes & forms, free appointment reminders (SMS, email, & voice), mobile app, e-claim filing, a beautiful client portal, billing & invoicing, and our newest feature: Telehealth! See your clients over HIPAA-compliant video – anytime, anywhere!

Therapractic Management Systems

Manage numerous behavioral health referrals, seemlessly connecting ACOs, Medical Centers, Online Therapy, telehealth and insurance companies with behavioral health resources across the web. Originating sites use Dr. Portal, promotional listing service to make referrals, that are organized, assigned and tracked to completion. Interoperable chart connects treating members. Medicare sensitive EHR, HIPAA P&P Manual, Encrypted messaging. Billable screens. Substance abuse software in prisons.


A cloud-based solution for the Mental Health Professional looking for help managing the administrative aspects of their business including client files, scheduling, billing, claims and medical coding. Flexible enough to work for both individual and group counseling practices. Our support team is ready to help walk you through the process of turning your paper-based office into a secure, EHR/EMR office.MHPOffice is the solution to your administrative issues.

My Clients Plus

My Clients Plus is a leading provider of web-based billing and practice management software to healthcare industry. Ideal for individual and group practices with focus on behavioral, occupational, speech, physical therapy and other healthcare specialties. HIPAA compliant and meeting insurance industry standards. Our affordable price and powerful features simply make us one of the best values ever. Choose from over 200 therapy note templates designed by professionals like you.


Feature- for-feature, the best value in EHRs. Exclusively designed for behavioral and mental health providers, Procentive is trusted by thousands of providers to provide the software and services they need to manage their businesses, stay compliant, and be more effective. Comprehensive, yet easy to use, Procentive EHR is cloud-based and ONC certified.

Sharenote serves mental and behavioral health agencies in need of a complete web-based solution for all EHR and billing management. Working with organizations of all sizes, ShareNote can accommodate the solo practitioner or the large enterprise organization. Features include industry note and treatment plan templates, RCM, telehealth, scheduling, automated system notifications and field flagging alerts on required paperwork submissions to safeguard data integrity and meet agency audit needs.


TenEleven Group is a software and services company, focused on providing solutions for health and human services agencies to manage their end-to-end business process. electronic Clinical Record (eCR) is an enterprise-level EHR solution for agencies with more than 10 users and provides solutions for a variety of service types. Inpatient, Outpatient, Community Based Services, and Medication-Assisted Treatment with medication dispensing functionality and dedicated billing services.


EHR software with Wiley Planners add-on, Telehealth for online therapy, mobile app, client portal, DSM/ICD codes, progress notes, treatment plans, discharge notes, review & co-sign notes, custom forms. Billing features: PQRS, claims & ERA/EOB, superbills, credit card service, batch invoice/claims. Sync with Google/iCal. Voice, text, email reminders. Tons of reports included: Payroll, Staff Billing, etc. Unlimited document storage, unlimited support. Try it free.


Assessments, program management, materials, and psychometrics for school districts, treatment centers, and more.


Perfect for Mental Health Professionals who can use our structured interview format to conduct diagnostic exams and print the documented results. Features: Child disorders. Adult Disorders. Diagnose personality disorders. Screening questionnaires for child, parent, adult and personality disorders. Differential Diagnosis. Risk assessment- Suicide, violence. Substance Abuse screen. Psychiatric history questionnaires for child, adolescent and biopsychosocial. Print results.

VOTED BEST VALUE AWARD By Capterra!!! Top Choice for Practice Management! Personalized. Efficient. Complete. Online practice management exactly the way you want it. Offering live online chat & video sessions, custom questionnaires & forms, email messaging, scheduling and calendar, billing and invoicing, treatment plans, and more. Try Us Today to see if you like it as much as our current members do!! Now offering 14 Day Free Trial! (No credit card required).


Our mission to make health care uncomplicated in Brazil, empowering independent doctors, for better quality health. We believe that healthcare professionals should not be concerned with technology issues. With that in mind, we offer an efficient and extremely easy-to-use system, allowing our users to increase their productivity, reduce costs, reduce the lack of patients and save time so they can focus on what they like to do most: taking care of their patients

Therasoft Online

Need an integrated Teletherapy platform for your practice? Call us. Therasoft Practice management starts at $49 a month per therapist. Struggling with your UNPAID CLAIMS? Try our Receivables Management service. The ONLY practice management solution with Marketing, Management, Clinical and Billing in one COMPREHENSIVE package. A professional website. Online Secure Video. Credit card processing. Mobile Apps for Clinicians and clients in Android & iOS.


AZZLY Rize is a top-rated addiction treatment and behavioral healthcare-specific EHR, Telehealth Ready and RCM system. We serve small, medium, and large organizations. Rize is very customizable and scalable. Features include e-check-in, scheduling, appointment reminder, EHR, treatment plans, progress notes, outcome measurement tools, medication management, withdrawal management, e-prescribing, EPCS, PDMP, patient communication tools, and electronic billing and claims submission.


DrChrono’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) can help you maintain income stability while giving you more time to focus on patient care. Our team of dedicated billing experts, in-house coding compliance officers, and certified medical coders handle the complete lifecycle of your medical claims the moment your patients walk into your clinic. DrChrono provides high quality yet affordable billing services and true transparency to your financial health with full insight on collection 24/7.


Practice management and EHR for mental health providers. Clean, intuitive, EPCS, lab integration, billing and electronic claim submission/EOB, secure patient portal and much more. Clean and extremely affordable.


75Health is the Electronic Health Record software which is not just about being paperless. It is about inculcating a tradition of simulated and simplified working with intelligent systems that help doctors work efficiently and enhance patient care. Working on a cloud-based technology, it is cost-efficient, fast and secure. 75Health is an attempt to improve the doctor-patient relationship. Successfully track, store and pass on patient information from one end to the other.


AccuPoint is a web-based platform that manages scheduling, payroll, billing, RCM, data collection, and documentation of services for home and community based health care providers including but not limited to, ABA, EI, Waiver, and Home Care.


DataFinch Technologies is a software company on a mission to provide the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art technological solutions for behavior analysts working with special needs communities. Our flagship product, CATALYST, is the premier and most robust electronic data collection system available to ABA professionals.