Cliniko is a complete practice management application used by thousands of healthcare practitioners in more than 95 countries worldwide. Now with secure telehealth features, you can manage schedules, treatment notes, invoices, payments and lots more. It works great for solo practitioners, large teams and anything in between. Loved by physiotherapists, podiatrists, therapists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and more. Try it free for 30 days with no payment information required.


Beautiful practice management, communications, scheduling and payments for mental health. Calendar & Booking, Invoicing & Credit Card Payments, Client Portal, To Do List, HIPAA Compliant Video, Messaging, Unlimited File Storage, Client Notes, Documents and Forms, Electronic Signatures, Form Library, Therapist Website, Directory Listing, World Class Support. For both organizations and solo practices. Perfect for cash-based practices.


Join nearly two thousand therapists who have switched to KASA. With no upfront fees and a simplified workflow in our web-based software, we make it easy to access your calendar, clinical files, and billing information in one, fully-integrated portal. We offer HIPAA compliant phone answering services, full-service billing solutions, and a user-friendly EHR system, with financial reports, note templates, calendars, a patient portal, appointment reminders, and integrated credit card processing.


A complete, cloud-based EHR, practice management, and billing SaaS designed by and for behavioral health professionals. Features include an interactive Clinical Wizard for support in diagnosing and treatment planning, searchable ICD-10 library of codes and their descriptions, integrated, HIPAA-compliant Tele-Health portal, e-prescriptions, automated reminder texts/calls, Direct Fax from client chart, electronic EOBs and much more. Custom features for specialty services also available by design.

InSync Healthcare Solutions

Enhance patient care with InSync’s fully integrated, easy-to-use, cloud-based healthcare IT solutions. Our electronic medical records, practice management and billing software is especially designed to meet mental health and substance abuse provider’s needs. Customizable workflows and dashboards, group therapy, patient portal, integrated scheduling, billing, and e-prescribing, integrated telemedicine and mobile ready.

Intelligent Medical Software

IMS caters to every step of the patient care delivery process, from patient engagement to Telehealth, practice analytics, automated check-in, care coordination, reporting, and more. Its multi-specialty features, modules, and templates were built from the ground-up to adapt to the exact needs of over 40 specialties.


Karify is an e-mental health platform that supports your therapy sessions with online treatment. Karify allows you to combine face-to-face meetings with online exercises, tailored medical information and ways to communicate safely. Karify helps you to keep track of your patients progress. It enables you to create behavioral change through feedback, monitoring and data.


ReliaTrax- Premier Practice Management /EHR System. Use the power of technology to simplify your agencys clinical and administrative needs! ReliaTrax is a cost effective, electronic health records system designed specifically for behavioral health and mandated treatment centers of ALL sizes. Alleviate paperwork, while increasing efficiency and accuracy. ReliaTrax securely coordinates real-time communication between entire treatment team. Robust accounting, billing and administrative features


Rethink Behavioral Health delivers a SaaS technology platform built specifically for managing autism and developmental disorders. The robust EMR and billing service is an all-in-one, HIPAA compliant technology that includes EVV to simplify ABA data collection, advanced video-based RBT training for staff, and scheduling tools. Rethink also offers the industry’s first evidence-based calculator for the recommended range of treatment hours for a particular child¿s behavioral profile.


Designed for mental health professionals. Includes full access to Wiley PracticePlanners – treatment, note, & homework planners. All the information you need is usually within one or two clicks away. Fully HIPAA secure. 100% web-based system. Access your patient records and notes from any computer in any location; no software to install; no back-up hardware to maintain. Apple, Windows, Linux. All are welcome. Focus on your practice, not your technology.


blueEHR specializes in the 3C’s (Care, Cash and Coordination) that makes any Behavioral Health practice successful. And it can do more: 1. Adapt to unique workflows 2. Offline mode 3. Robust Client Portal 4. Add multiple funding programs 5. Connect with Laboratories, ePrescription networks and multiple clearing houses 6. Interface with applications like Data Analytics or CRM systems 7. APIs to connect to Diagnostic Medical Equipments 8. Incorporate individual billing and reporting rules


An assessment tool for patients to set up profile prior to appointments for doctors to be prepared and more easily diagnose.


***$500/Month Min.*** No Small Agencies | Family Owned | Telehealth | Portal | Enterprise Scheduler & Reporting | Charge Master | Inpatient | Outpatient | We take YOUR paper forms and create a verbatim electronic copy which are filled out in the EHR | 180-Day Money Back Guarantee

HIPAA Compliance Software

HIPAA should be simple. That’s why Compliancy Group is the only HIPAA software with expert Compliance Coaches holding your hand to simplify compliance. Built by auditors, Compliancy Group gives you confidence in your compliance plan to reduce risk, increase patient loyalty, and profitability of your organization. Why Compliancy Group? -HIPAA Audit Support, no client has ever failed an audit! -HIPAA Seal of Compliance -Dedicated Compliance Coaches -Total HIPAA Solution

PsychBook CMS

Psychbook CMS is a single-user application that allows counselors, social workers, psychologists, and other mental health professionals to do their work with more ease and less time. From a single, organized interface it provides the capability to manage client contact information, scheduling, HIPAA compliant documentation, insurance authorizations, billing, and payments. All for one low price and no monthly fees. Video tutorials are available online as well as a demo with no time restriction.


Therabill is an all-in-one, web-based practice management software for speech-language pathologists, developmental therapists, social workers, behavioral/mental health specialists, psychologists, and nutritionists. Features include documentation with customizable templates and in-system faxing; scheduling and automatic appointment reminders; and unlimited electronic claim submissions to thousands of insurance companies and government payers.

Valant EHR Suite

Valant’s integrated EHR and practice management suite is the gold standard of software for the behavioral health industry. Designed by a practicing psychiatrist, we understand the nuances of your workflows and have incorporated unique functionality to improve your clinical outcomes, make your practice more efficient, and reduce your liability. Easy-to-use and cloud-based, organizations can track patient progress with our treatment planning tools and quantifiable clinical outcome assessments.

Acuity Scheduling

Flex your schedule into shape by letting Acuity take care of the off-the-mat work. Acuity works 24/7 behind the scenes to smartly fill & manage your schedule. From the moment clients book, Acuity’s there to automatically send branded & customized booking confirmations, deliver text reminders, let clients reschedule on their own, and process payments. Your day-to-day will run more smoothly, even as business gets busier¿all without breaking a sweat.


BEHAVIORAL HEALTH: Empathic Clinical Suite provides a web-based integrated electronic health record and revenue-cycle-management financial system. Empathic clinical software has a learning curve of about 30 minutes and eliminates up to 85% of practice administrative burden. It is easy to learn and simple to use. Driven through the use of clinical notes, Empathic software has e-prescribing and scheduling capabilities, digital billing, accounting, and a customized patient portal for your clients.


Practice management software for substance abuse cliniks. Functionality includes scheduling, hr, client managemnet, and more.

PIMSY Mental Health EHR

How can PIMSY help your agency stay afloat during COVID-19? PIMSY offers all of the functionality needed to make your life easier during this intense time – and to run your organization fully remotely. We’ve had all of these features in place for years: comprehensive telehealth; provider / clinician portal; client / patient portal; EHR instant messaging; appointment reminders; HIPAA-compliant work-from-home… and so much more! Contact us to see if PIMSY’s the right fit for your agency.

QuickStart Forms

Our charting solutions take advantage of OmniForm’s built-in forms intelligence to automate the process of documenting clinical care. For over 10 years, we have used this off-the-shelf product to preserve the look and feel of the original paper document, while creating a faster, more accurate way of completing clinical information. Along with our document conversion and chart automation services, we offer the most flexible, easy-to-use and lowest cost options for managing your paperwork today.

Therapy Appointment

Individual and group therapy practices love TherapyAppointment’s easy-to-use, HIPAA-compliant, practice management solution. Power your practice with our robust features (charting, billing, insurance filing, scheduling, appointment reminders, telehealth). Any device, any place, any time: safe and secure. First 30-days free, including 1-1 training + telehealth. Just getting started? We’ve got your back with full-feature access for $10/month. You provide the therapy, we provide the rest!


ClinicMind delivers an essential ONC-certified workflow component to the management of a mental health practice, automating tasks and improving efficiency, cashflow predictability and compliance. In addition to critical billing, documentation and claim management services, ClinicMind greatly reduces the time spent on back-office work, so practice owners can spend more time focusing on patient care, growth and profitability. Further, the software is supported by a dedicated coaching staff.


ClinicSource provides a fully-integrated online EMR and practice management system for therapy practices of any size. ClinicSource helps providers spend more time with patients and less time on paperwork. Thousands of therapists nationwide benefit from the easy-to-use web-based software, which empowers providers to streamline and integrate all of their scheduling, documentation and billing. ClinicSource is fully HIPAA compliant and ONC-ACB 2014 certified.


Web-based electronic health records software for documenting and billing mental health visits.


Customizable EHR solution for the behavioral healthcare market providing clinical documentation, group notes, and scheduling features.

Therapy Partner

Therapy Partner’s web based practice management software includes, progress notes, scheduling/calendars, billing features, insurance ready statements, and more. – Progress Notes – Client Scheduling and Advanced Calendar – Accept Credit Cards – Email Insurance Ready Statements – Track Your Earnings Therapy Partner was uniquely designed to help private practitioners ensure payment at the time of service in a way that doesn’t inhibit the therapeutic process.

Activity Tracking System

Exym is a leader in EHR software for behavioral health agencies. We proudly serve agencies across California with our intuitive, robust EHR system. Thousands of clinicians use Exym’s software to simplify their billing, documenting, and case management needs. Based in California, Exym is built to meet California’s unique regulations including Medi-Cal with reliable and quick support.

Kareo Billing

Kareo web-based medical billing software for Mental Health practices with integrated e-claims processing is the most user-friendly and easy set-up solution on the market. With non-physician provider pricing starting at $80, there’s no reason not to join 75,000 providers using Kareo. With Kareo you can schedule appointments, verify insurance eligibility, send e-claims, receive e-insurance payments, manage collections, store documents online, and print custom reports.


Cloud-based solution that allows telecommunicators to manage emergency calls via messaging, location tracking, collaboration and more.

Argonaut Practice Management

Argonaut is an easy-to-use web-based integrated practice management software for psychotherapists in solo and small group practices. With Argonaut’s all-in-one system you can easily manage your appointments, write and maintain clinical notes and client records, track your finances, process credit card payments, send automated appointment reminders, create a paperless office with integrated eForms, and more!


Effective and intuitive EMR designed for mental health and chemical dependency treatment providers starts at only $55 per month with our Platinum Promise – 100% Money-Back Guarantee! Our fully-integrated One-write system includes Scheduling, Clinical & Billing modules. CAM’s industry leading features include Self-Auditing tools, Auto-Generating Notes and Summaries, Unlimited Custom Reports, Customized Forms and Unlimited Live Customer Support. Register for a free webcast today and learn more!

CoCENTRIX Coordinated Care Platform

Coordinated care platform that provides innovative solutions for health and human services. Components include EMR, case management, and managed care solutions.


Web-based EHR designed specifically for behavioral healthcare provider organizations having 20 or more users. Epitomax is great for mobile workers as well as in an office setting. Use forms from our library or our team of clinicians will customize your clinical forms in Epitomax, including the workflows and due date rules. Epitomax is clearinghouse agnostic and ONC certified with features such as Touch Screen Signature Capture, Patient Portal, Credit Card Processing, etc.


Penelope is a cloud-based case management software platform that’s ideal for human services organizations with 25 or more users. Get a single source of truth, and free your organization from multiple data silos and outdated systems with a configurable solution that’s designed for organizations offering multiple services. Penelope includes flexible data collection, workflow, and reporting options, while our mobile customer portal, ClientConnect, helps improve the client experience.


Enterprise-wide practice management solution for counseling centers. Supports patient records sharing through HIE network.


Previdence mental health software identifies mental illness and it’s severity. It also assesses the level of risk mental illness can create. Previdence then generates appropriate treatment protocol to heal the illness and automates clinical note writing and patient recovery progress reports.

Summit-Edge Practice Management

A unique mental health billing solution. Software is smart to better handle complex managed care requirements. Power features easily meet the needs of large outpatient centers. Yet, it is extremely easy to use. Support services are on a first name basis. Popular with solo-practitioners, as well as multi-location counseling centers. Best of all, there are no upfront costs. Fees start at just $20 per month + 40 cents per session.


Since 1997 TheraScribe continues to be the premier treatment planning software utilizing Wiley Practice Planners. Easily create extensive and complete patient records using integrated treatment plans and progress notes. Customize screens, libraries and reports to fit your practice.


BestNotes is a cloud based, HIPAA compliant EHR and CRM. Enjoy practice management from A to Z with a special focus on marketing/admissions and outcome measures. Billing, fully customizable documentation, scheduling, telehealth, e-prescribe, e-MAR, credit card processing, lab results, patient portal, human resource management, administrative tools and so much more! Try BestNotes today with no upfront fees, month-to-month contract, unlimited training and support for one low monthly price.


Integrated behavioral healthcare and social services management software with EMR, financial reporting, and scheduling capabilities.

Practice Perfect EMR

Practice management and EMR software for psychologists, chiropractors, physical therapists, pathologists, occupational and speech therapists.

Opioid Care Community

A system for coordinating the efforts of community based organizations (healthcare provides, social service providers, mental health and substance treatment providers, employers, workforce/jobs programs, school systems, court systems and law enforcement agencies) to identify needs and deliver services to prevent, treat, and recover from opioid and substance use disorders and related challenges (trauma, mental health, homelessness).


RXNT’s cloud-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) software streamlines workflows and optimizes the patient care experience. Providers get real-time health and prescription history at the point-of-care, as well as electronic referrals, medical scheduling, and integrated EPCS-certified E-Prescribing (eRx). Patients benefit from the ease of a patient engagement portal and check-in features. RXNT’s EMR solution is HIPAA compliant, supports MACRA and MIPS, and is an ONC certified HIT solution.

CareLogic Enterprise

CareLogic is a web-based and easy-to-use Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform designed for enterprise behavioral health and human services organizations with at least 40 users. Our highly configurable EHR platform helps improve outcomes, drive efficiencies and demonstrate performance. Capabilities include scheduling, intake, treatment planning, service documentation, ePrescribing, consumer engagement, telehealth, billing and reporting.

Credible Behavioral Health

Ideal for clinicians & executives, it is a behavioral health platform that helps users manage clinical assessments, schedules & more.


MED e-care provides eMAR and clinical software for Long Term Care and Skilled Nursing facilities in Canada, the UK and the USA. eMAR is perfect for facilities looking to minimize medication errors while reducing the administrative burden of tracking medication administration and inventories. A fully Integrated system with Pharmacy fillware in the three countries we service.

CarePaths EHR

HIPAA-Compliant & ONC-Certified Cloud-Based Electronic Health Records & Practice Management. Solo-practitioners or groups of all sizes can grow and manage their practice for an affordable price. Get telehealth, claims, and eligibility checks for FREE! Includes e-statements, online scheduling, appointment reminders, ready-to-use clinical documentation, customizable forms, secure messaging, outcomes monitoring, and much more!

Mercury Medical

Mercury Medical is a Medical Practice Management solution that puts the Revenue Cycle Management at your fingertips; it acts as a stepping stone from intermediate billing to advance billing. Mercury Medical is offered exclusively on the cloud, with the highest level of security. A product with big functionality, Mercury Medical includes: patient portal, payment portal, demographics input, charge input, full history of patient activity, ERA, Interfaces, posting, reporting and so much more.

Neon CCM

Neon CCM (formerly known as CiviCore) offers tailored solutions for human services organizations. We know every organization is unique, so we tailor our software to meet your needs. With Neon CCM, you can organize data how it works for you. Easily generate reports for funding, grant, or regulatory purposes, set triggers and alerts so you never miss a deadline, and automate tasks. Do it all while streamlining operations to save you time.

CSM/MH — Mental Health

Providing fully integrated or stand alone Case Management tools: Individual, group and family, Scheduling, service plans, progress notes, goals charting, Performance Management, Billing, Compliance Tracking, Program Management, Document Management, E-signature, HIPPA, Security, Clinical and Remote Access. Configured to your needs enabling you to meet these challenges today and the flexibility to adapt as needs change. Optional Electronic Billing and Accounting integration.


NextStep is a cloud-based electronic health records (EHR) system designed for behavioral health and substance abuse staff at inpatient, outpatient and residential care facilities. The ONC certified solution includes patient scheduling, charting, assessments, automated form routing, reminders, customized reporting and dashboards, integrated telehealth, a smart billing engine, billing management, eligibility checking, census management, medication management and an extensive library of forms.


DrCloudEHR: ONC certified, cost effective, customizable, behavioral health, human service, & integrated primary care solution for agencies (25-1000+ users). GoldenThread® tools complete documentation compliance with scheduling, telehealth, eligibility & authorizations management, bed board, ADLs, eRx, eMAR, revenue cycle and discharge planning, Lab and HIE integration, reporting, client portal, unplugged, & more. DrCloudEHR provides configurable forms & reporting to deliver value at every level!


Medical practice management solutions that allows hospitals to store patient records, schedule appointments, manage payments, and more.


Psychiatry-Cloud by WRS Health is a cloud-based EHR and Practice Management solution integrating every aspect of your practice from appointment scheduling to revenue cycle management on a single platform. Features of the system include automated appointment reminders, a digital pen that parses and automatically enters information from charts, prescription medication management, claims scrubbing, a patient portal, and more.

Addiction Services System

Comprehensive web-based applications designed specifically for behavioral health organizations including Incident Reporting; Fiscal Management; Document Management; Human Resources management including: Position Management, Personnel, Benefits Management, Staff Development Monitoring, Applicants Management; Facility Maintenance and Inspections; Project Management; Policies and Procedures and Corporate Objectives.


ClinicTracker is a robust, future-proof mental health and substance abuse EHR. Dr. Michael Gordon, a renowned clinical psychologist, and Joshua Gordon, an award-winning software engineer, founded the company in 2000. ClinicTracker’s powerful software empowers your agency to succeed. ClinicTracker automates all of your clinic routines, boosts staff productivity, increases billing efficiency, and provides the tools you need to manage your clinic effectively. To get started, visit our website.

eHana EHR

Web-based electronic health records solution for human services and behavioral health organizations. Provides staff tracking, client check-in module, client and employee scheduling, and compliance tools.

Polestar Mental Health

A digital behavioral health platform, Tridiuum ONE automates the identification of patient behavioral needs, accelerates access to the most appropriate care, and helps deliver better overall outcomes. Used by medical and behavioral health providers and health plans, Tridiuum ONE serves as a foundation for behavioral health evaluation and supports clinical decision making throughout the continuum of care.


Internet-based insurance billing, collection service and practice management for mental health providers. We are a web based software / mental health billing service. We offer a full range of services based on your needs. A few options we have available to you are “Full service” which includes the submission and follow up of your claims, rejections and denials. The posting of your insurance payments. You have access to schedule your patients and track patient records .


TREAT allows authorized users across all settings to have access to each clients secure, longitudinal record. The solution enables groups to document service specific client information, highlighting a clients journey of care/service across all settings and programs. TREAT is focused on client-centered, outcome-based case management, as well as transparent and robust reporting.


ICANotes is the premier EHR for the behavioral health specialty. We work with all clinical disciplines in both outpatient and inpatient settings to deliver the most clinically robust and intuitive charting solution for this specialty. ICANotes offers the only 100% fully configured EHR available for behavioral health and addiction treatment. Designed by a psychiatrist, ICANotes is a customizable certified EHR and practice management solution that is ideal for practices of all sizes.


Electronic documentation software for I/DD and behavioral health service providers. Our software offers case management, client tracking, and an Electronic Health Record (EHR) all under one roof – with specific functionality for the needs of I/DD agencies. Our software is HIPAA-compliant, federally certified as an EHR, and offers full interoperability as you navigate the new landscape of care coordination and value-based care.

KaleidaCare Solutions

Comprehensive, online foster care and social services tracking, management & reporting software to help a wide variety of mental health and social service agencies administer programs and services, track client admission and manage client treatment & outcomes. Requiring minimal IT infrastructure, KaleidaCare Solutions7 is priced according to your needs. Organizations can input, review and manage information from the office, home or any Internet-enabled computer or device. Contact us today!

Momentum EHR

Web-Based Care Management Software for Large Organizations, Provinces/States, and National Health Systems

Clarity Healthcare

Patient assessment software for mental health, rehabilitation, long-term care and homecare providers.

Cognistat Assessment System

Cognitive assessment tool that evaluates and assesses cognition in patients to better inform caregivers of recovery status.


MedEZ provides fully integrated, user-friendly EHR, clinical notes & billing solution for medium to enterprise level behavioral health: inpatient psychiatric facilities, outpatient IOP/PHP programs & substance abuse clinics. MedEz includes everything from appointment scheduling to clinical notes, billing & documentation management. MedEz has In-House Pharmacy, Med Inventory, Med Dispensing, MARS, & ePharmacy features as well as handles state required documentation & reporting easily.


Remarkable Health is the leading Provider Success Software Company focused on the behavioral health and human services industries. We passionately focus on providing behavioral health, substance abuse and human service organizations the tools they need to provide remarkable client experiences. We offer a purpose-built, integrated platform consisting of an EHR Clinical, Billing, Scheduling, Reporting, and Medication Management for inpatient, outpatient, and residential facilities.


Cloud based solution specifically designed for Private Duty Nursing, Non-Skilled, Medicare agencies under one database ONE patient and ONE Employee record; Hourly or visit scheduling functions-Split Shift, Shift Differential, Shift Offer, Overtime; Care Flow Sheet; eMAR; eTAR; Clinical/Aide Care Plan; CV Mobile for EVV and documentation for Aides, Schedule Monitor ; Handles Medicaid, Insurance, Medicare billing requirements; PR, GL integration; Standard /customizable forms, reports, dashboards


If you’re looking for a long-term, stable EHR company that gets to know and serve you and your practice, you’ve come to the right place. #1 rated implementation and the only EHR that offers free ongoing customization and personalized training by practice and provider, live US-based support 24/7/365 and affordable all-inclusive pricing.


CureMD is the leading provider of innovative health information systems and services that transform the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare organizations of all sizes. Our award winning solutions simplify decision making, streamline operations, and ensure compliance with industry standards and best practices; ultimately saving time and effort to maximize value and returns.

DSS Mental Health Suite

DSS Mental Health Suite application ranges from efficiently creating, editing and renewing patient intakes and treatment plans, to enabling care teams to more productively collaborate in order to ensure provider compliance with regulatory guidelines.


EZClaim Medical Billing Software is a cost effective, easy-to-use medical billing system for the small to medium size office. An expert in the field of medical billing software, EZClaim offers a variety of feature rich solutions to fit the needs of your office including EZClaimPay credit card processing, integration with Practice Fusion, Amazing Charts, Quick EMR, WebPT and other EMR/EHR vendors. EZClaim is also Billing Service ready with the ability to create multiple company files.

Provide Enterprise

Care management software designed for health and human service providers to track contacts, assess clients, and manage prescriptions.

MindLinc EMR

Electronic behavioral health care management tool to streamline clinical tasks such as appointments, medication, e-prescribing, scheduling, eligibility, & authorization management, clinical care, billing and claims management, regulatory management and more.


The SMART’s cloud-based EHR, powered by Amazon Web Services, provides advanced workflow automation in outpatient substance abuse treatment programs providing opioid addiction treatment and methadone maintenance services. As a complete clinic management software, SMART streamlines admissions, service delivery, dose verification, medication dispensing, inventory management, quality assurance, billing, and drug test management.

AdvancedMD for Mental Health

All the mental health billing, clinical & patient engagement features for an automated practice with unified workflow for every role


Medical software specially designed to computerize your office and small clinic. Complete without being complex, the ProDoctor Plus Clinic and Office management program takes care of your schedule, medical records and billing. This gives you more time to take care of your patients.

PsychConsult Provider

Askesis Development Group is a leader in software solutions for the behavioral health, addictions treatment, and social service markets. Providers across the country deliver services to millions of people, supported by our flagship product, PsychConsult Provider, a fully integrated practice management and EHR application. Functionality includes a patient-centered approach for documenting psychiatric and primary care services. The application is designed for 50+ users.

TheraManager DocuTrac

TheraManager Mental Health is an easy-to-use, customizable , all-in-one EMR and Practice Management software for Behavioral Health. It includes Scheduling, Electronic Billing, Assessments, Treatment Plans, Progress Notes, ERx. and more. TheraManager can be accessed from anywhere. We offer monthly subscriptions to TheraManager with no software to purchase and your choice of hosting; on the “cloud” or in your office. Watch the Video and download a FREE Trial

NextGen Behavioral Health Suite

NextGen Healthcare integrates behavioral, physical, and oral health data on a single platform for a comprehensive view of patient health. The goal: a whole-person approach to care. Configurable workflows and reports, as well as telehealth solutions and a smart digital pen, promote clinical flexibility, improve care coordination, and enhance patient access. In our commitment to elevate behavioral healthcare, our fully integrated solutions help reduce administrative and clinical errors.

Mastercare Allied Health EMR

The Market Leading client management solution designed to allow its users complete scalability and control of their clinical services. Mastercare EMR introduces unique concepts and a product architecture that will support any mixture of programs, disciplines and roles which ultimately delivers a truly shared, team based and client-centric record.

SOS Suite

Billing, electronic medical records, and scheduling software with electronic claims modules for mental health practices.


Cloud-based physical therapy solution that lets organizations manage operations via tools such as billing, staffing, payroll & more.

Visual Private Office

Visual Private Office provides your agency with a completely integrated software solution for all of your needs and is your gateway to scheduling appointments, documenting clinical services, client data management, claims management, insurance and accounting integration. Our products are designed to make you work more efficiently by assisting you with managing integrated systems of care and maximize your revenue (private pay, insurance agencies, and other third party payers).

Optimum by Cantata Health

Meet Optimum, the smarter way for your hospital to serve patients with better workflow automation and financial results. Exchange Data Intelligently and Securely. As the shift to value-based care continues to grow, so does the need for better security, faster access to critical information, and smarter ways to coordinate care. Optimum offers effective care transitions and open communication between healthcare systems through a variety of sources, including HL7, quickly and without worry.


Web-based mental health practice management software to streamline billing, claim management, bookkeeping, customer assessment & more.


myAvatar by Netsmart is an electronic health record (EHR) specifically designed for organizations that provide behavioral health and addictions treatment services in community-based, residential and inpatient programs. It offers a recovery-focused suite of solutions that leverage real-time analytics and clinical decision support to drive decision-making. The robust platform streamlines workflow, making client information quickly accessible with user-friendly dashboards.


For over a decade, Sigmund Software has been developing Industry-Leading Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software for the behavioral health and addiction treatment communities. Sigmunds enterprise platform, AURA, is dedicated to offering a comprehensive suite of specialized features that span a full business spectrum.


HCS Interactant is the leading all-in-one EHR platform for multi-site providers in long term care, LTACHs and inpatient behavioral health settings. Interactant includes EHR, revenue cycle management, financial management, mobility and business intelligence. Interactant has all of the clinical and financial solutions needed to help providers deliver safer and more effective care at a price point that won’t put a strain on operational revenue.


Patient billing, insurance claims (paper and electronic), notes and scheduling, ShrinkRapt does it all, without monthly fees saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Your purchase can be customized so you only pay for the features you need. After you purchase, you always have access to your information because you own a software license, unlike online programs, where you loose access to your information if you stop paying the monthly fee.


Electronic records platform that supports behavioral health processes, caseload management, and document reporting.


AccuMed’s ONC, Stage 2 certified EHR solution offers Custom Templates, User Created Forms, eRx and eLabs. Using a single SQL Database you can choose to add the modules that make sense for your agency: Electronic Billing, Eligibility Verification, Scheduling, Auto Remittance Posting, Claim “Scrubber”, Custom Reports, Appointment Reminder, Document Management. Accumedic supports connectivity with HIEs and Health Homes using HL7 and custom interfaces.

MedicsCloud EHR

Medics Suite for Addiction Treatment and Behavioral Health – Inpatient facilities (UB BILLING) & Outpatient facilities (HCFA BILLING) – Psychiatrist and Therapist Driven Organizations – Bed Management for inpatient facilities – Comprehensive range of capabilities for any Addiction Treatment / BH organization – MARS / eRx controlled substances – Specialty-specific scheduling and reports / analytics


PrimeCare is the most flexible pharmacy management system on the market today an integrated, scalable software solution that answers all the needs of institutional, long-term care, and combo-shop pharmacies. Best in the industry when it comes to the Billing Matrix. Streamline processes, improve efficiency, get real-time reports, manage multiple facilities from one location, and ensure your pharmacy is operating at peak performance.


We have developed extensive content in our IMS EHR product for Behavioral Health and we understand the specialty well. Our clients include large practices as well as solo practitioners. As a smaller company, we establish personal relationships with our practices – they know us and we know them. We also offer professional medical billing services. We are running a promotion through February 2021 offering 6 months of free software maintenance fees for Mental Health clients.


The Echo Visual Health Record offers a visual and person-centered workspace unlike anything else in the industry. The Clinical Homepage uses the power of visual to provide the full continuum of care for your clients. Easy-to-use form tool lets you create the forms and workflow your organization, funders, and accreditors require. The Fiscal Homepage uses the power of visual to demonstrate the financial health of your organization. It provides a functional, central workspace for all your billing.


Harmony Practice Management software delivers unparalleled power, flexibility, reliability, and ease-of-use while providing increases in efficiency with comprehensive EDI, workflow, reporting scheduling and complete revenue cycle management services. Harmony is the most user-friendly and easy to use. Specialties include Mental Health, Surgical, ASC, Dermatology, Oncology, Anesthesia, Pain Mgt., Orthopedics, Gastroenterology, Addiction practices, Primary Care & Hospitalists.